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Company Profile
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Super Safety Services, established in the year 1988, has since then grown consistently and has transformed into a fast-growing family-owned organization managed professionally but still retaining its family values of fairness in all transactions with its stakeholders. We have emerged as a leading manufacturer, dealer and exporter of a wide range of Personal Protective Equipment, Industrial Safety Equipment and other Safety Products, available under the brand name SOLE SAFE. We specialize in Industrial Heat Protective Garments and Accessories, Fall Protection Products and Industrial Safety Shower Systems. Our product design philosophy embraces principles of high quality in conformance with various local / international quality standards, durability, user friendliness, aesthetics, environmental awareness and cost effectiveness. Our state-of-the-art management systems and our customer-centric approach ensure high quality and prompt service to our customers.


We, at Super Safety Services, visualize our organization pursue the path of continuous improvement and evolution, through individual and collective excellence, as  a huge wealth-creator, highly respected and responsible corporate citizen offering a complete portfolio of Safety Products, Accessories, Systems, Solutions and allied Services to it's customers world-wide in a seamlessly integrated fashion by using latest technologies in combination with our broad knowledge-base and vast industry experience, by deploying state-of-the-art systems and by following our core value system embracing principles of fairness in all transactions, hard-work, perseverance, team-work and customer-focus.

Mission for the decade (2011-2020)

Since inception in 1988, we have come a long way and have achieved commendable successes in various aspects of our business, and now, to continue as envisioned by our founders, we, at Super Safety Services, set forth an ambitious goal for ourselves of catapulting our company into a higher-growth trajectory towards achievement of another major milestone of earning ourselves a place among top ten companies in Safety Industry in India in terms of wealth creation, product offerings, technological innovations / excellence, industrial safety awareness creation efforts and environmental / social responsibility awareness.

Our Products

We have a wide range of products catering to diverse needs of various industry segments. You can choose from the categories listed below:

  • Head Protection : FRP Industrial Helmet Chin Strap And Nape Strap, PVC / HDPE Industrial Safety Helmet, Fireman Helmet IS 2745 (SSS HP 103 /A) and Fireman Helmet Alexandria Model (SSS HP 103/B), Helmet With Head Lamp, Helmet With Head Lamp and Rechargeable Battery, Auto Darkening Welding Helmets, Fire Fighter Helmet
  • Face Shields : Face Shield Type "A", Welding Helmet, Furnace Mask, Furnace Observation Face Visor, Face Shield Type "B", Welding Screen
  • Ear Protection : Ear Muff, Ear Muff (Bilsom), Ear Plug, Ear Seal, Ear Plug Dispenser
  • Eye Protection : Chemical Splash Goggles, Protective Safety Goggles, Punk Type Goggles, Welding Goggles, Welding Goggles Flip Up Type, Rubber Goggles, Leather Cup Goggles, Clear Tough Polycarbonate Spectacles, Aluminized Heat Resistance Goggles, UV Protected Goggles, Wind And Dust Protected Goggles, Furnace Goggles
  • Hand Protection : PVC Hand Gloves, Neoprene Dipped Supported Gloves, Nitrile Hand Gloves (Supported / Unsupported), Nitrile Palm Coated Knit Lined Safety Cuff Gloves, Neporene Rubber Hand Gloves, Super Nitrile Flocklined Gloves 'Rubberex' Make, Electrical Rubber Hand Gloves, Chrome Leather Iol Type Hand Gloves, Driving Leather Hand Gloves, Asbestos Hand Gloves AMC 41, Kevlar / Para Aramid Hand Gloves, Aluminised Kevlar Mitten Hand Gloves, Cryogenic Gloves, Kevlar Knitted Hand Gloves, Stainless Steel Gloves, Heat Resistance Hand Gloves, Kevlar Sleeve, Welding Hand Gloves, Cold Storage Hand Gloves, Hypalon Hand Gloves, Butyl Hand Gloves, Hosiery Hand Gloves, PVC Dotted Hand Gloves, Knitted Seamless Hand Gloves, Chrome Canvas Leather Hand Gloves, Chrome Leather Reversible Hand Gloves, Chrome Leather Heat Resistance Hand Gloves, Pure Chrome Canvas Leather Hand Gloves, Kevlar / Para Aramid Knitted Seamless Gloves, Kevlar / Para Aramid Palm With Pure Chrome Hand Gloves
  • Industrial Heat Protection Garments & Accessories : 700 Series Proximity Suits, 7000 Series Fire Entry Suit (Aluminized), 5000 Series Fire Entry Suit (Non Aluminized), Fire Fighter Suit, Bib Style Apron, Insulated Apron, Surgeon Style Apron, Legging With Spats, Approach Hood, Heat Protective Hoods
  • Spats, Spring Style Spats, Insulated Lift Front Hood, Non Aluminized Hoods, Aluminized Gloves, Kevlar Gloves
  • Body Protection : Aluminized Fire Proximity Suit, Asbestos Suit, Boiler Suit, Fire Retardant Suit And Coverall, PVC Suit, Leather Safety Approns/ Sleeves/ Leg Guard, Cold Storage Suit, Pressure Suit, Arc  Flash Suits, Welder Suit, Cryo Apron.
  • Respiratory Protection : Self Breathing Apparatus, Fresh Airline Respiratior, Dust / Fume Respirator, Fume Mask, Metti Cloth Mask, Full Face Mask, Escape Hood, Pleated Mask, Cup Mask, Cup Mask With Valve, Gas / Vapour/ Odour Protection Half Mask, Gas/Vapour/Odour Protection Half Mask With Twin Cartridge, Artificial Resuscitator, Emergency Oxygen Kits
  • Furnace Observation Cobalt Blue Glass : Neotherm Glass, Leather Cover With Cobalt Blue Glass
  • Fall Protection : Half Body Safety Belt, Full Body / Fall Protection Safety Belt, Shock Absorbing Webbing Lanyards, Sock Absorbing Rope Lanyards, Safety Rope Ladder, Aluminium Roof Top Ladder, Construction Safety Nets, Multi Purpose Safety Belt, Fall Arrestor, Aluminium Ladder, FRP Self Support Ladder, Lineman Belt, Rescue Stretcher, Aluminium Rebar Hook, Snap Hook, Fall Protection Belt, Full Body Harness Belt, Quarter Turn Steel Karabiner, Pilot Chair
  • Emergency Showers : Emergency Full Body Safety Shower, Shower Cum Eye Wash (Hand Operated/Foot Operated), Emergency Eye Wash Fountain (Wall Mounted), Eye Wash (Hand Mounted), 6-MINS PORTABLE EYE WASH, SHOWER HEAD (WALL MOUNTED) GI, Drench Shower, Multiple Nozzle With Platform, Eye Wash Bottle, Eye Wash (Hand Operated/Foot Operated), Eye Wash (Hand Operated/Foot Operated) SS
  • Industrial Safety Shoes : Jodhpuri Leather Safety Shoes, Derby Leather Safety Shoes, Balmoral High (Bata Type) Safety Shoes, Leather Rigger Safety Shoes, Antistatic Shoes, Electrical Shock Proof Safety Shoes, Matatarshal Safety Shoes, Asbestos Safety Shoes, Aluminised Safety Shoes, Pu Sole Ankle Leather Safety Shoes, Heat Resistance Safety Shoes, Gumboots, PU Sole Derby CH-4 Leather Safety Shoes
  • Accessories for Protection against Industrial Hazard : Emergency Chloroine Kit, Brightstar / Palican Safety Torch, Folding Strecher, Non Asbestos Fire Blankets / Curtains, WIND INDICATOR / SOCK WITH STAND, Electrical Insulated Rubber Mat, Spark Arrestor, First Aid Kit/ Box, Welding Curtain, Electrically Operated Siren, Multi Gas Detector, Heating Pad, Oil/ Chemical Absorbents, Fibre Glass Graphited Coated Blanket / Fabric, Electric Shock Treatment Chart, Oil / Chemical Spill Kit,
  • Indoor & Outdoor Signs : Fire Fighting Equipment Signs, Danger & Hazard Signs, Prohibition Signs, Cautionary Signs, Indoor & Outdoor Signs(PD)
  • Traffic and Road Safety Devices : Speed Retarders, ar Stopper/Wheel Chock, Reflective Road Stud, Spring Post, Traffic Cone, Reflective Jacket, Crash Barrier, Corner Protector, Convex Mirror, Rechargeable Batton
  • Welding, Cutting Equipment & Accessories : MIG, Regulator ARC, Single Stage Pressure Regulator, 2-HP-Blowpipe, Light Weight Pressure Blowpipe, Flowmeter, Oxygen Pressure Regulator, Heating Equipment For LPG/CNG Pipeline, Portable Welding Machine, Cutting Nozzle A Type, High Pressure Welding Torch, Gas Cutting Blow Pipe, Heating Torch Big, Heating Torch Small, Aquasol Soluble Paper, Cutting Nozzle Type B, Tungsten Rod, Welding Holder, Flash Back Arrestor, Gas Pressure Regulator, Brazing Torch, Tig Torch, Cables, Welding Torch, MIG/MAG Welding Air Cooled Torch
  • Fire Fighting Equipment & Accessories : Fire Fighting Double Headed Hydrant Valve, Triple Purpose Nozzle
  • Revolving Nozzle, Fire Hose Delivery Coupling, Four Way Inlet Breaching, Water Foam Nozzle, Super Jet Monitor Nozzles, Stand Post Type Geared Water Monitor, Shut Off Nozzle, Navy Nozzle, Short Branch Pipe Nozzle, Two Way Inlet Breaching, NRV Male Coupling, Air Release Valve, FB 5X, Sprinkler Alarm, Alarm Valve, Pressure Reducing Valve, Sprinkler, Jumbo Water Curtain Nozzle, Pressure Gauge, Foam Chamber
  • Foam Maker, Inline Foam Inductor, Inline Balance Pressure Proportioner, Double Fire Hydrant Stand Pipe, Balance Pressure Proportional System, Monitor, Portable Monitor, Trailer Mounted Foam Monitor With Foam Concentrate Storage Tank, Dry Powder Type Extinguisher, Fire Hose Reel Box, Fire Hose Type A, Fire Hose Type B, Deluge Valve, Check Valve, Water-Foam Sprinkler, Mobile Foam Unit, Multi Purpose Branch Pipe
  • Security System : Bullet Proof Helmet With Visor, Bullet Proof Vest, Hand Held Metal Detector, Deep Search Metal / Mine Detector, Portable Door Frame Metal Detector, Under Vehicle Search Mirror/ System, Alcohol Tester, Breath Analyser With Printer, Q-Manager, Smoke Detector, Mega Phone, Wind Measurement/ Indicator Instrument, Multi Door Frame Metal Detector, Multizone Door Frame Metal Detector, Walk Through Door Frame Metal Detector (Single Zone), Mini Security Camera, Imported Dome Camera, 8 Channel 2 Way Audio, Under Vehicle Search System / Mirror, Telescopic Extension Mirror
  • Marine / Offshore Equipments : Life Rafts, Work-Boat, Personal Safety Net, Breating Device Model NO. 15H, Marine Life Jacket, Work Life Jacket, Insulated Protective, Fere Axes & Hatchet, Inflatable Life Jacket, Life Buoy, Diving Suit, HRU Hammer, Life Jacket Light
  • Safety & Electrical Locks : All Purpose Cable Lockout, Safety Padlocks, Gate Valve Lockout, Economy Hasp, Premier Multipurpose Cable Lockout, Cylinder Lockout, Red Lockout Hasps, Lockout Tags
  • Industrial Heat & High Temperature Fabrics : Greige Glass Fabric, Loom State Glass Fabric, Cera Fabric Reinforced With SS Wires, Silicone Rubber Laminated Glass Fabrics, Silicone Rubber Coated Glass Fabrics
  • Processed Glass Fabric, Processed Glass Fabric Vermiculite Coated, Silica Fabric, Silicone Rubber Laminated Silica Fabrics, Aluminised Fiberglass Fabric, Aluminised Kevlar Fabric, Kevlar Fabric, Aramid Fabric, Fire Retardant Fabric, Cera Fabric Reinforced With Glass Yarns, Graphite Coated Fabric, Woven Glass Cloth Textures Fabric.
Diverse Applications

Our products find applications in various industry segments including Iron & Steel, Non-ferrous Metals, Thermal Power Plants, Nuclear Power Plants, Paper, Petrochemicals, Fertilizer, Inorganic Chemicals, CNG / LPG Pipeline projects, Construction, Infrastructure Development, Glass and several other industries having high-temperature production processes.

Modern Product Design / Manufacturing / Testing Facilities

Our facilities at Thane, Maharashtra, India and Sion, Mumbai, India span over 30,000 sq.ft. and are very well equipped with the latest technologies for product design / manufacturing / testing, modern machinery / equipments and state-of-the-art quality control systems. Our Thane unit caters to Industrial Heat Protective Garments and Accessories and our Sion unit caters to Fall Protection Products like Safety Belts, Full Body Harness & its accessories etc.

Quality Policy

We are an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 & BS OHSAS 18001:2007 Integrated Management System (IMS) Certified Organization.

We deliver quality to our customers through quality built into our products at various stages ranging from product design up to testing and through quality services to our customers. To achieve these objectives, we have a highly knowledgeable / experienced team of professionals aided by highly skilled manpower, have deployed the latest technologies for product design / manufacturing / testing, have installed state-of-the-art management systems and have adopted customer-centric approach.

Why Us? 

Some of our strengths that make us your most reliable business partner are:

  • Extensive industry knowledge / experience
  • Our product design philosophy ensuring quality, durability, user-friendliness, aesthetics, environmental awareness and cost-effectiveness
  • Wide range of products for diverse applications in various industry segments
  • Our comprehensive quality policy
  • Reliable, well-organized and efficient distribution network
  • Competitive prices
  • Our stable business model, robust finance , honest value system and customer-centric approach.